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Thank you for taking the time to appreciate what I do! If you like what you see and want to keep seeing more, please support Brain Venom by visiting my Patron and making a pledge. I will be doing raffles among backers in the future to give away some of the limited runs of reproducible projects as a way of saying thanks.

 I’m also open to sponsorship or commissions, so don’t hesitate to visit the CONTACT section and send me a message! 

How it works

Click the link button below to visit my Patreon page. Pledge a small amount monthly to help me reach my creative goals. The more pledges I get the more things I will be able to create and give away to my loyal Patrons! 

Every Bit Helps

Making stuff can really eat a hole through your pocket. Every maker knows how costly it can be to keep a good stock of supplies — from tapes, glues and Xacto blades to more obscure things like leather, velcro, and poster tacky — It all ads up. Not to mention my long-gone security deposit that I forfeit when I started using my small apartment as a workshop. 

Your support can also help me save for more exciting tools like a hot-wire cutter, airbrush,  3D printer or vacuform table! 

Anything you can contribute, including feedback, is sincerely appreciated.